Formula 1, Designer Parfums and Ross Lovegrove partner for 3D Printed perfume; costs $10k

There are lot of accessories that you can associate with Formula 1, but a perfume is the least expected in anyone’s list. So, it does surprise us to see Formula 1 launch the first-ever limited edition 3D printed bottles of perfume, designed especially by the visionary designer, Ross Lovegrove.

The short story is that there are three bottles, and five fragrances that we are looking at. But the story behind the setup is much deeper than just this. Inspired by the world of Formula 1, you can see the references to speed, mechanics and even the winning trophy, in the bottles design created by Lovegrove.

Formula 1 Unites Technology, Design and Dynamism

It’s a given that the fragrance of the perfume should be the highlight for any launch, however the focus of the Formula 1 perfume are the exclusive bottles. Designer Ross Lovegrove has taken advantage of the latest in 3D printing and the resulting bottle design is the an impressive technopolymeric resin-based exoskeleton that hold the fragrance at the heart – a bottle full of goodness.

The three different 3D printed designs have been assigned a theme and names as Agile Embrace, Fluid Symmetry and Compact Suspension. They take their cues from the racing circuit and racing cars.

Agile Embrace uses the principles of form created from flow and we see the lines work their way to the inner core. This is the place where the ‘heart of gold plated design’ holds the perfume. It took 24 hours to print this bottle.

Fluid Symmetry takes inspiration from the ever-changing organic lines of the cars aerodynamic design. So if you were to ask a car enthusiast, they would describe it as an evidence of how “the physics of natural forces in unison with advanced materials can produce a new form of technological bio aesthetic.” Crafted from 3D Printed Blasted Titanium, the bottle is very unique in its choice of metal. It took 15 hours to print this bottle.

Compact Suspension takes inspiration from the exoskeleton form and is designed with layers that ‘suspend the inner flask’, and is encapsulated in a 3D printed geometry that is strong. The design boasts of references that reflect the engineering of advanced innovative structures. It took 35 hours to print this bottle.

Leveraging Formula 1’s Heritage to Build a Unique Fragrance

Welsh designer Ross Lovegrove is known for his contribution to the world of industrial design. You know him for his Renault Twin’Z concept car, Bernhardt Go chair, Kef Muon speakers and the energy-independent Alpine Capsule. Talking more about the design Lovegrove elaborates that the metal printing of titanium and the stainless steel versions are difficult to replicate, simply because they are very complex designs. Likewise, the F1 car, hence the design is ‘a self-protecting, self-defining form of design.’

The bottles are being 3D printed in Germany at Heinz Glas and Lovegrove along with UK-based Designer Parfums have been working on the project. Having worked on brands like Jennifer Lopez, Naomi Campbell, Porsche Design and Cerutti 1881, on various fronts, Dilesh Mehta, Designer Parfums’ Chairman & CEO, says that Formula 1 being the first fragrance brand to utilize 3D printing, is a big step in the right direction for the perfume industry.

The sensual unisex haute perfumery scents are inspired by the dynamism of F1 and will retail for $10,000 and limited as numbered edition of 20. You can pick them up at the Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2019 from November 29 to December 1, 2019. After this, you can buy the limited 100 pieces, which will be released over the course of 2020.