Feng Chen Wang x Converse Chuck 70 2-in-1 to launch on Oct 20 in two colorways

Converse is arguably one of the lesser advertised brands. Not that Nike subsidiary is any shy – but as compared to some of the other brands, it lags a tad behind. Yet, it is one of the bestselling shoe brands and with custom and designer styles added occasionally to the assortment, the fanfare only increases.

After a few fruitful designs in the past – Chinese born, London-based designer Feng Chen Wang and Converse have gotten together again to revisit the Chunk 70 and give it a 2-in-1 rendition.

Legendary sneaker revisited

With the intention to continue reintegrating Converse’s sport’s classics, Feng Chen Wang x Converse Chuck 70 2-in-1 carries the designer’s “deconstructed ethos and the classic Converse silhouette.”

The shoe is basically designed with 2 in mind – a Converse silhouette overlaid on another. The sneaker looks as if a larger sized Converse Chunk 70 has been added over a smaller size, leaving small gaps at the front, back, and the midway in the sole to reveal the base shoe. Even the canvas around the heel counter and tab looks as if it has been deconstructed and added onto the shoe. You can find Feng Chen Wang’s logo on the heel, sock liner, and laces.

The evolution 

To some fans, Feng Chen Wang x Converse Chuck 70 2-in-1 may come as a novelty, but some may recall a similar design from Feng’s Spring Summer 2019 collection. The deconstructed iteration of the classic Converse Chunk Taylor with double sole layering and wrapped canvas layer on the back heel. This is just the evolved version of the prototype shown then.

Feng Chen Wang x Converse Chuck 70 2-in-1 will launch in black and persimmon orange colorway on October 20. It is expected to retail for $180.

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  • Beast Green
    Posted November 16, 2020 9:51 am 0Likes

    Wonderful but TOO EXPENSIVE! Please make it
    affordable for all shoppers…not just the Millionaires. Drop the $80…

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