Fire Extinguisher gets a redesign, now looks really nice

Most people never really care about fire extinguishers. Believe it or not, not all houses probably have one. A fire extinguisher isn’t something homeowners think about until somebody reminds them to get one. Perhaps it is time people are educated about its importance especially in places that may be prone to disaster.

Fire extinguishers usually come in red. We have seen green and silver ones before. But what if it is painted and designed differently? Do you think people will buy it? Those who make these fire extinguishers seem to always be on the safe side. We are not sure how the red trend started but it’s about time we rethink its look to match many other stuff.

From Ordinary to Beautiful

A beautiful fire extinguisher has been introduced recently by a Japanase company that makes fire extinguishers. Well, that is bold to not stay safe in red but is very much appreciated.

A new minimalist fire extinguisher has won a Good Design Award. It is beautiful alright but remains to be very functional. The company, Morita Miyata, has thought of changing the design of the fire extinguishing to inspire more people to buy and see the importance of having one. Now that is one smart and self-less solution we hope others will follow.

A Fire Extinguisher Can be Unique

With a beautiful fire extinguisher, people will be inspired and encouraged to buy and stock fire extinguishers at home because they are not sore to the eyes. When you see something beautiful, the tendency is you’ll want to buy the item even if it’s really unnecessary. But with fire extinguishers, the designer hopes that you see the importance of home disaster preparedness. In Japan, natural disaster like earthquakes is very normal so we understand how the Japanese are all for being prepared.

Morita Miyata’s +maffs brand sells the new fire extinguisher. Choose from either black or white. It is priced at 10,000 yen which is about $92. A neutral color is an easy option because the item just needs to match where you are putting the fire extinguisher.