Five inexpensive gifts for special people in life

The tradition of giving gifts is truly a wonderful one. Be it birthdays, anniversaries or holidays, gifts always put a smile on the face of your loved ones. Although the budget for a gift matters, the thought and personal touch outweighs the cost of a present.  

If you want to give a present to someone in your life that you know deserves something thoughtful and curated, here are five unique gifts that your near and dear ones will cherish.  

Wine Bottle Glass

This gift is for occasions such as an anniversary, for a lovely romantic dinner over wine, or simply for wine lovers. For some people, pouring wine is a tiring chore, and drinking it from the bottle is not classy (it’s not beer). This wine bottle glass can ease that trouble. Simply screw this custom glass into your favorite wine bottle and dring right out of the bottle without any judgmental stares or predicaments.  

Wood Portrait

This wood portrait from Rawkrft is probably the finest gift for one’s spouse. The printed couple’s photo on wood pallets not only makes for a beautiful gift but adds a rustic décor to your house as well. You can even try making one of these at home; to spare yourself the labor, pick one in the color of your choice and have it printed with the photo you want. It is UV coated and fade-resistant.

In-Car Sauce Holder

Called Saucemoto Dip Clip, this in-car condiment holder for people who enjoy sauce with their food. Dipping sauces are crucial in elevating the taste of many food items such as nuggets and fries. Prior to such a tool, people had to consume all the sauce with foods outside of their vehicle, as it could create a mess in the cars. But this 5-in-1 sauce apparatus can securely fit the four most commonly used sizes and shapes of sauce containers from popular food hubs such as McDonald’s and Burger King and let you enjoy your food inside the vehicle.

Personalized Apron for Kids

Kids love presents especially if you give them something related to their interests and hobbies. This personalized kid’s apron is for those children who have a keen interest in culinary skills. Even if your child enjoys helping you out in the kitchen, this cute little apron could make a great gift.

Personalized Cosmetic Bag

Girls love their cosmetics, but it is difficult to keep them organized or contained in a single bag. This personalized cosmetic bag is made of 100 percent linen with a single initial or 3-letter monogram of your choice. Capable to tender to all cosmetic needs, it comes with a water repellent lining for easy cleaning. A zipper closure top has a satin ribbon pull, matching the color of the embroidered initial. It is a perfect gift for your wife, lady friend, or a wonderful present for bridesmaids.