Five interesting Christmas gifts for men

Christmas is inching closer with each passing day. This year the festivities are going to be slightly subdued due to the horrific circumstances the world is reeling under. But that shouldn’t be an excuse to not shower our loved ones, friends with affection they deserve. 

If you’re searching for the best Christmas gifts of 2020 for a man in your life, you could already have few things in mind. These would be based on what they like and prefer. If you’re preparing to gift for the first time or you’re indecisive, there are some suggestions we have curated for your assistance. These are gifts you can purchase online for almost every type of a man. Head down for the interesting suggestions – we recommend getting these Christmas gifts now so they arrive in time to be presentable at Christmas.

For the active man: Under Armour Adult Sports Mask

Mask have been more valuable than gold this year! There are endless options flooding the online stores, but only one brand has worked closely with professional athletes to design the perfect sports mask. For a man with an active lifestyle, Armour Adult Sports Mask is best face mask for running, jogging and exercising, it more breathable than most on the shelves. The machine washable, reusable mask has an antimicrobial layering inside that keeps it fresh.

For the workaholic: Cahot Fast UV Light Sanitizer Box

Most of us are working from home without much fear of how things are panning out on the streets. But there are many including the front line warriors who have to step out for the better of the community. For such a man in your life, it’s fitting to gift a UV Light Sanitizer Box, which the person can use to sanitize his smartphone, watch, glasses or other accessories once back home. This box comes with 8 true LED UV-C lamps, which can help eliminate 99-percent of invisible hazards in just 3 minutes. The UV light box also features a wireless charger to juice up any QI-enabled device.

For the handyman/DIYer: Carhartt Legacy Tool Bag

An occasional handyman needs a reliable tool bag to keep his equipment safe, easily portable, and most importantly organized. If you know a man who loves to take on house-fixing chores in his free time, get him a Carhartt Legacy tool bag. This one is a custom leathercraft bag that provides plenty of storage for the most commonly used tools.  The handy pouches are made to hold the more frequently used tools such as screwdrivers and cutting pliers, the smaller pockets are designed for things like nails, wires and more. The bag can be pushed around, carried or set down to throw tools in or take them out. Treat it the way you want – it is made to last.

For the spendthrift: Ekster Senate Slim Leather Wallet

A man who loves shopping for you deserves a fantastic and secure way to store his cards and dosh. Yes, wallets make excellent gifts unless you mar the excitement with the poorly selected one. Just in case your man doesn’t like to carry too many bills but has a good stock of cards on him – a slim leather wallet from Ekster Senate makes a good choice. It’s easy to slide into the denim pocket, can carry 10+ cards, and allows instant card access at the click of a button. RFID technology built-in to the wallet keeps the cards in it safe from hackers and scammers.

For the home chef: COSORI Air Fryer Max

Free time at home during the coronavirus-forced lockdowns made many gentlemen cooks. If your man is spending more time in the kitchen than on his workstation, it’s time to gift him a decent air fryer this Christmas. The Cosori air fryer uses up to 85-percent less fat than traditionally deep-fried foods, without compromising the taste, which makes it the perfect gift for family member or friend. It comes with 11 one-touch preset modes for bacon, French fries, steak etc, which are cooked with same crisp, fried finish that you’d get with deep frying. The Cosori air fryer is small enough to fit nicely on the counter and allows user to set time and temperature for perfect cooking.

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