Five Simple Rules To Make Her Feel Special

As a woman I have to admit that men are less complicated then women.  Tell a guy he’s handsome, sexy or hot … and he’ll believe you. He won’t doubt it for a second. Men don’t typically need the candyfloss romance or gestures to prove that they are worth it. Words will suffice, and giving them plenty of sex will prove it. Women on the other hand need more than words; they need grand gestures to little gestures. Simplified romance to complicated planned holidays; the whole nine yards!

Compliments Are Welcome

Unfortunately there is no formula for this, but hopefully my four decades of experience being a woman can help you with some guidelines. Rule number one, if you feel it … say it. Talk to your girl, tell her how awesome she is and how the little freckles on her butt, turns you on. We were born to communicate, hence talking about the little details always help. And being appreciative of her persona is a big way to make her feel sexy.

I remember a time when my husband got back from a hard day’s work and was completely exhausted. My clothes was the last thing on his mind, however he simply turned a very plain evening to a special one, by complimenting me on my new outfit and how sexy I looked in it. Work was on his mind and being reasonable, I really didn’t expect him to notice but he did, and it made me feel that he really cared.

Let’s Communicate

Communication doesn’t mean passing rude remarks. I have a friend who used to say that you shouldn’t use the phrase “stupid woman” at all. Either you’re stupid or a woman, so stupid = woman. Yes, he’s still single and can’t get laid because the truth of the matter is that woman = intelligence.  Words have power and we must realize their potential. A recent test that went viral was the case of two apple halves.

One was spoken to rudely and the other was nurtured with loving words. Obviously the latter one took a longer time to rot and welt, because it was being showered with kind words and communicated with love and attention. A very obvious conclusion that we seldom think about, cause we feel that actions speak louder than words. The truth is, both matter.

Thoughtful Gestures

Rule number three, little gestures mean big brownie points. The simple gesture of putting away your wet towel after use or rinsing your coffee cup, along with hers … these little things when done consistently and without making a big deal out of it. Key words – consistency and without making a big deal out of it. In short, if you do it zip it up. I remember a good instance where for many years; my husband would wave out to me, as he drove to work.

The thing is that my apartment is on the sixth floor and I was waving out to a person who could barely make me out from his rearview mirror. Point being that this little gesture on his part made me feel missed and he never once complained about the inconvenience it caused him. God forbid if he ever forgot to wave out … I would actually call him up to remind him! The kids came along and these little gestures dwindled … but I haven’t forgotten them.

Shhh … It’s Time to Listen

On number four spot is listening, and then responding to her conversation. However, please do listen with an open mind. Trying to control and forcing your views down her throat, is not a cool idea. It happens quite subtly, but it does, men often tend to control the conversation and steer it to a path that they are more comfortable. It’s ok to agree to disagree, so understand that. This rule is best explained when you actually end the topic up with a discussion or a dialogue rather than an argument.

Express Yourself

Finally, sex her up … be naughty, and be open to her being expressive. Treat her as an equal in bed and see what erotic times unfold for you. Headaches will be out of the window, and making love will be top priority. Take it from me, many women are very very shy being expressive in bed for the fear of rejection or being made fun off. So, be gentle and allow her to express her full sense of sexuality in front of you. Nothing can get more raw and bonding than this. Psst … I’m talking from experience and having discussed this topic with several girlfriends of mine!