‘Joker’ to go on digital release this month

Hands down. ‘Joker’ is one of the best movies of 2019. We have yet to make a list of the top films we’ve seen but we can say the movie about Batman’s nemesis is a class of its own. Just read the reviews around the web if you haven’t seen it yet and you will understand. Better yet, watch it when the digital version is out.

Joker, a masterpiece by Todd Philipps, is coming to town once again. See and understand how Arthur Fleck slowly declined into psychosis. It’s only been weeks since the movie have stopped playing in most theaters but Warner Bros is already planning on releasing the digital version. After earning almost $1B in the box office, it’s ready to make some more profits come this December 17 when the movie will be available on digital platforms.

Joker Getting Closer to You

Beginning January 7, 2020, you can buy the DVD, Blu-ray, or 4K version of the movie. The popular movie has beaten other DCEU movies except for Aquaman and the studio behind it wants to take every opportunity to cash in on the project.

The movie’s success is largely in part of Joaquin Phoenix’s performance. A possible sequel is being asked at the moment but the director is clear, saying “there’s not a contract”—yet. Phoenix wasn’t even approached yet about a sequel but we’re pretty sure these guys have already thought about the idea.

Bravo Performance by Joaquin Phoenix

Joker’s physical release will come with more content and special features like Dolby Vision/HDR Presentation of the movie, Dolby Atmos Audio Track, and optional English SDH, French, Spanish, and Portuguese subtitles for the main feature. Several featurettes have also been added: Joker: Vision & Fury, Becoming Joker, Please Welcome… Joker!, and Joker: A Chronicle of Chaos.

You can order these physical releases on Amazon. The Prime Video version is $19.99. The DVD version is cheaper at $17.99. The Blu-ray is priced at $24.99 while the 4K version is more expensive at $29.99. The Blu-ray copy will arrive first followed by the DVD and Digital copy.