Five wall-mounted desks for your small home office

While living in a small space, you have to use your surroundings smartly; but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to compromise with the efficiency of your work area. Getting an oversized computer table or a big chair doesn’t sound practical when you are trying to optimize your small living space. However, a wall-mounted desk can meet all your requirements.

Also known as floating desks, the wall-mounted desks offer a sturdy work surface without taking up your limited floor area. You can install this convenient furniture article in almost any room. Here are the best wall-mounted desks that will serve you in style.

Dickey Floating Desk

This wall-mounted desk unites space-saving and functionality in one versatile design. The wall cabinet opens up to expose a pull-down wooden desk with hinged legs, which folds back up into a compact rectangle against the wall when not in use. It features three adjustable shelves, made from solid birch wood. It can function as a desk and a dining table while keeping your essentials on the shelves.

Rooney Wall-Mounted Desk

This floating desk folds into a little shelf on top, providing storage space for your things or a display platform for your trinkets. It features a base that folds down when in use to form a pull tab and has a fabric backing inside to pin your inspirations or notes. The wall-mounted fold-out design can save space while making room for creativity.

Folk Ladder Desk

The Folk Ladder Desk is a minimalist design from Norm Architects. It features stylishly shaped solid wood rails and sculptural details all the way through. This mid-range option is space-friendly for home offices and is available in three lustrous finishes. Perfect for mid-century modern lovers, it is easy to move and can be expanded with shelving units.

Fynn Wall-Mounted Corner Desk

A clever way to utilized oft-neglected corner space in your home is to install this sleek Fynn wall-mounted corner desk. It can be used as a standing desk, seated desk or floating bookcase. It fits into any corner and mounts to the walls with sturdy metal tracks. It offers plenty of working space, two open storage units, and takes up no floor space.

Murray Wall-Mounted Desk

This space-saving Murray floating desk offers enough room to work in a small place. Moreover, it neatly folds back up against the wall when not in use to clear the room. It has a little two-door cabinet at the top where you can store office supplies and other essentials, or you can display your mementos or trinkets on the unit.