Float lamp by Axolight is portable lighting solution for urban dwellers

Portable lighting comes in plethora of designs, each having a unique selling point. Some are made for your living room, bedroom while others light up your porch. There are also options which can be used in multiple locations.

If you want a compact lamp that can be used for any situation and is portable enough to carry anywhere, the Float lamp by Axolight has the right balance of looks and function.  

Ideal for any location

Talk about flexible lighting solutions and the Float Table Lamp is one you are going to love. You can use it as a bedside lamp, wall hanging porch light fixture or a poolside light. Use it indoors or take it outdoors, the lamp provides flexibility for any kind of space you want to light up.

There are multiple mounting options that increase the possibility of use for this lamp designed by Mario Alessiani. The compact form factor is one thing, which gives Axolight an added advantage.  As Mario stated, “With Float, Axolight and I focused on style and rationality to achieve the arduous task of building a functional emotion.” 

Aesthetic design for outdoors and interiors

Having a nine hours battery life means you can use it for extended period of time before needing a recharge. There’s IP55 dust and water resistance which makes it ideal for use outdoors. The light level can be toggled with the soft-to-touch buttons, making it perfect for any location.

Float is available in five color options – white, black, blue, cement gray and powder mauve. Hence, the lamp is not only multi-functional, but it also has an aesthetic design honed by colors that evoke a sense of emotion.