FoldaXe multitool is 4-in-1 axe that doubles as knife and wood saw

Don’t want the hassle of carrying a hatchet, spade, wood saw, knife and hammer for your outdoor adventure? Rather longing for a hardy package that suffices all these utilities? Then the Combar FoldaXe is the apt multitool for your arsenal.

Created by Israeli startup Aclim8, the versatile multitool is an improved, lighter version of the Combar introduced back in 2018. Even better it is targeted at a lower price point without compromising on the functionality for adventure escapades.  

Compact and versatile multitool

The newer compact version measuring 15.75 inches has shaved off some weight now. It weighs 900 grams as compared to the 1.5 kg predecessor. If you look closely, the spade has been ditched on the swiveling head. That said, the flip-out axe made from stainless steel remains along with the textured hammer on the opposite side. This is useful for cutting down tree barks or securing the tent stakes in place for camping.    

Combar FoldaXe’s abrasive handle is made out of glass-reinforced polymer which makes it capable of delivering power without any recoil. When you are not chopping down small trees with the multitool, the hatchet blade conceals in the handle. This means the multitool is easy to carry and safe to haul in the backpack or even the pocket of the cargo pants.

Storage compartment for add-ons

The hollow handle of FoldaXe comes with a storage compartment having a pop-out lid for keeping Pro Kit add-on, a 10-inch folding saw and a drop-point survival knife. The slide-out magazine-like compartment can store random stuff too, saving the hassle of remembering small things that you’d otherwise keep somewhere and forget.   

This multitool can be categorized as an EDC if it were not for its slightly bigger size – but then – who’s stopping survivalists from keeping it as their staple accessory for all times. Combar FoldaXe is priced at $199, and for the Pro Kit (knife and folding saw) you’ll have to shell out $349. There’s also a titanium version which is priced a bit steep at $599.