Four exciting features watchOS 7 brings to Apple Watch

At the Worldwide Developers Conference earlier this week, Apple announced its latest OS for the Apple Watch – the watchOS7, giving glimpse into how it will change the game forever.

The update to watchOS 7 is not going to happen until fall this year, so keep waiting for the new and improved features like native sleep tracking on the Apple Watch. Alongside this, it will bring new fresh new watch faces, improved workout options, and automatic handwashing detection considering the prevailing pandemic scare we are living in.   

Improved sleep tracking

With watchOS 7, Apple Watch will finally get native sleep tracking, which means you will not need additional third-party apps to track your snoozing pattern. The new software will in addition to tracking sleep help provide a way to wind down from the day’s work and create bedtime routine to meet your sleep goals. Apple Watch will track sleep when it has almost 30 percent charge.

New watch faces

watchOS 7 update would be worthless without new faces that provide personal experience and tons of valuable information at a glance on the Apple Watch. This time therefore you get new ways to discover and share watch faces in combinations and configurations that match your lifestyle and activity. Customers can share personalized watch faces with other users via, email, text or even as a link over social media. The new update will also bring a chronograph watch face with tachymeter to measure speed and distance. 

Enhanced fitness options

watchOS 7 would roll out with four exciting new workout types. These include Core Training, Dance, Functional Strength Training, and Cooldown. Tracking of these workouts is supported by heart rate and other custom-built motion sensors such as accelerometer and gyroscope. The new watchOS is thus tuned more accurately for tracking these workout variations and calories.  

Handwash timer

Washing hands for a minimum of 20 seconds is a new normal these days, but how to keep a tab if you have washed the hands for the required duration. With watchOS 7 the Apple Watch will have you covered. Using motion sensors, microphone, and machine learning, the wearable will detect handwashing motion and sounds. A 20-second countdown will be triggered automatically when you start washing the hands – if you finish early – the watch will prompt you to keep going. The watch can also alert you to wash your hands when you return home.