G-Shock ‘CasiOak’ Grey Rainbow, Black Rainbow merge stealthy look and playful touch

The first two collaborative models in the IFL World and Dial Artist consortium have sold out in a jiffy and to fill the void two new rainbow models have been introduced to the collection, which gives the Casio ‘CasiOak’ a new customized design that is already being appreciated.

The two models currently on sale and in stock include the G-Shock ‘CasiOak’ Black Rainbow, and the Grey Rainbow. There is also a ‘CasiOak’ Pepsi variant in stock, which thrives on the blue and red color scheme.

The new Rainbow

IFLW x The Dial Artist custom G-Shock “CasiOak” models that have sold out – Casio CasiOak Galaxy Limited Edition and CasiOak Rainbow Limited Edition – were limited to 200 and 50 examples only. The hand-to-hand sale of these customized and affordable watches compelled the duo to hand out more variants in the CasiOak Rainbow Edition.

The CasiOak Black Rainbow and the CasiOak Grey Rainbow both feature this colorful dial and text on the bezel to create a colorful spectacle for the wrist. Just like the sold-out models, these two also feature a monochromatic build but an interesting and colorful dial and bezel meticulously hand-painted by The Dial Artist.

A dash of color

The octagonal constructed G-Shock CasiOak is meticulously hand-painted in rainbow theme to achieve the playful theme on the very popular G-Shock model. The indexes on the dial and the text markings on the bezel in vibrant colors give the otherwise black or gray dials of these new watches a playful form factor.

Both CasiOak Black Rainbow and the CasiOak Grey Rainbow are now available through IFL Watches and Dial Artist for $650 each. These are not limited yet you’d want to act fast to get either of these conversation starters for your wrist.