G-Shock MR-G Watch Celebrates Bruce Lee’s eightieth birthday

If Lee Jun-fan was live today, then he would have turned 80 years old in November. Better known as Bruce Lee, this famous actor made his mark in the world of Cinema as well as Martial arts, and left his fans disappointed, when he passed away in 1973. If I have to pick any of my favorites, then Enter the Dragon and Fists of Fury are my two favorite movies.

Celebrating Bruce Lee’s birthday, we have G-Shock bringing us a new limited-edition version of their MR-G watch. Designed with a black watch face, that is offset with yellow highlights and red detailing, both of which are a symbol of Jeet Kune Do –  a martial art form started by Bruce Lee – the timepiece is something that will be endorsed by every Bruce Lee fan.

The Signature Bruce Lee watch

What I find most interesting is that complementing the bezel and back cover we find that it is engraved with 12 Chinese characters that state the main tenets of Jeet Kune Do: “Using no way as way. Having no limitation as limitation.” It is endearing to see that at the 3 o’clock spot we have Bruce Lee’s signature, which is the Chinese character for dragon.

Keeping with the theme of dragons, the special box of this watch is also decorated with embroidered dragon images and is limited to 300 watchers. This new MR-G x Bruce Lee Limited Edition model comes with a titanium case that measures a handsome 49.8 mm x 54.7 mm.

Under the dial and more

The fixed titanium bezel is treated with black DLC – diamond-like carbon, enhancing the ability of the watch to be resistant to scratches. This durable coating to the case and bezel, is further reinforced with a deep-layer hardening process, making it 4 to 5-times harder than typical titanium.

Since this is about Bruce Lee, Casio has gone all out to ensure that we have a truly commemorative watch in our hands. Teaming the black case, with a yellow Dura Soft Fluoro-Rubber band, reminds me of Bruce Lee’s signature tracksuit, in the same colors. The actor had worn this tracksuit in the movie ‘Game of Death’, which released posthumously.

This limited-edition Ref. MRG-G2000BL-9A, is built upon the foundations of the MRG-G2000 of G-Shock’s flagship MR-G series. Details include a three-way time adjustment using radio wave time-calibration signals, GPS satellite signals, and Bluetooth. The watch is shock resistant and water resistant up to 200 m.

Functions include 1/100th of a second stopwatch (24H), world time display (39 time zones), an LED light, airplane mode, full auto-calendar, countdown timer (24H), daily alarm, and more.

The watch is available for $4,000.