G-Shock’s new watch trio is inspired by virtual reality

To add virtual inspiration to its immensely popular, tough, and practical watches, Casio has announced a new line-up of G-Shock watches in the company’s Virtual Reality Collection. Drawing inspiration from the growing virtual reality fad, the new G-Shocks are chunky and boast a futuristic vibe.

Leading the youth into the world of virtual reality, G-Shock has arrived with the GA2100VB-1A, GA900VB-1A, and GA700VB-1A. These models with basic antics of a G-Shock have been launched with analog-digital displays. The basic coloring of these G-Shocks is black, but the look is accentuated by blue, which generates the obvious virtual reality vibe.

The trio

With their aesthetics, the new watches evoke a sense of digital culture and come in three distinct iterations. The distinction is not so much in the color and appearance, but the watches vary in specifications, feels and of course somewhat in the styling as well.

Starting out is the most economical of the three, the GA2100VB-1A which is like the others a basic black watch with distinguishing pink and purple accents. The watch with an octagonal bezel has a large analog dial along with a small digital display at 4 o’clock position.  

The GA700VB-1A is next up with its larger (57.5mm) case and pretty lightweight (69g) form factor. Water-resistant up to 200m, the GA700 features a back and blue color scheme, but it is slightly thick at 18.4mm. The GA900VB-1A is the most sophisticated of the three with interchangeable bands, seven-year battery life and more decent 52.8mm case. Thriving on the same virtual reality-inspired color theme, the watch is again 200m water-resistant, weighs only 65g and carries screws at the corners of its bezel.

Pricing and other details

The G-Shock Virtual World line-up is based on the three of the more rugged and appreciated designs, the GA2100, GA700, and GA900. These watches, in addition to capturing the lively colors from the virtual world, uphold the premium design and technical prowess of their base models.

All three watches are Super LED-backlit for readability and feature other G-Shock level features for a price anyone would desire. The GA2100VB-1A will be available for $99, while GA700VB-1A and the GA900VB-1A will set you back $110 and $140 respectively when they are available starting mid-November.

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  • Michael Alan Hess
    Posted November 20, 2021 5:41 pm 0Likes

    Got the 900 and the light sucks. The lcd isn’t backlit and the led barely lights the hands in the dark. The afterglow sorta helps but isn’t very bright and is only on the tip of the hands. For costing twice what my old gshock cost, that had solar and auto time with proper back light, I’m disappointed. However I absolutely love the look and colors. So I’m going to keep it.

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