Garmin inReach Mini 2 compact satellite communicator offers 30-day backup

Garmin inReach Mini has the finest – small and lightweight – satellite communication device on the market and now the company is back with another compact iteration of the inReach Mini. Dubbed inReach Mini 2, the communicator enables two-way texting, SOS capabilities – like the original model – plus battery life that’ll never leave you wanting.

So, whether you’re a casual hiker, a mountaineer or love camping in the deep forests, where there is little or no cell service, the inReach Mini 2 will ensure you can contact peers and reach back home exactly like you left.

The difference

The Garmin inReach Mini 2, without adding any weight or increasing the form factor, has been able to increase the battery life to run for 30 days continuously. Additionally, it is compatible with a companion app to follow, plan and retrack routes to get back home.

For this, the device can automatically record a track and passively store it so you can trace back when you’re lost. The inReach Mini 2, like the predecessor, weighs just 3.5 ounce and measures 4×2-inches with the ability of two-way text messaging, weather, and location tracking.

More details

The Garmin device uses the global Iridium satellite network like its forerunner. But it is way ahead with its mammoth battery backup, so with the inReach Mini 2, you’ll not have to turn the tracking off to save battery. Connected to the Explore Mobile App, the inReach Mini 2 you can track and share adventure from anywhere.

Interestingly, the device can sync to a smartwatch or phone to send text/receive text, weather info, maps, and do a lot more. It also is used for navigation without being connected to another device. The USB-C chargeable inReach Mini 2 features IPX7 water-resistant rating and is available on an active subscription of $11.95 per month.