Dior and Rimowa collab brings new personal luggage and more

Rimowa is a known luggage brand. It is almost synonymous with luxury travel. The prices of Rimowa products are insane but they are for a reason. We’re talking about premium quality and design that lasts a lifetime.

The luxury luggage brand has already established its reputation so no wonder other tech or fashion brands team up with RIMOWA. A couple of months ago, there was the Supreme x Rimowa suitcase. It was introduced in time for Black Friday. We also remember the Rimowa Holiday 2019 collection that included new iPhone cases. Just earlier, we showed you the Rimowa Attaché briefcase.

Luxe Fashion For Luxe Travel

Rimowa has collaborated with luxury fashion house Dior this time. We’re fans of such collabs especially with Dior that made us ogle at the Nike Dior Air Jordan I High OG Sneakers as part of the Fall 2020 collection.

The high-end fashionistas will love this new personal luggage from Dior and Rimowa. It’s a portable personal belongings case that is made from aluminum. Inside is a calfskin interior for accessories and keepsakes.

The case even comes with a cross-body strap for easier carrying. Height is 5.03-inches while the width is 8.8-inches. Depth is only 2.8-inches. The luggage weighs 1.3 lbs. but can carry up to 0.26 gallons of content (volume).

Premium Case That Can Last Lifetime

Rimowa describes this as a debut design but every inch showcases what luxury is all about. The aluminum material is inscribed with vibrant pigments after some time of anodizing.

Four colors are available: Blue, Black, Silver, and Pink. The Blue and Silver models are ready for pre-order while the other two, Black and Pink, are already out of stock.

The finish is somewhat reflective aluminum, giving that classic and luxurious look and feel. It should feel expensive because it is at $2,440.

Dior and Rimowa didn’t just come up with one luggage design. The collection also includes a Hand Case, Cabin Luggage, and a Trunk Case. The items mentioned cost higher (from $3,080 to $4,620) because they are bigger.