Gifting essentials for a cocktail enthusiast

Every cocktail starts with the right tools. The smoothness, texture and balance in taste and flavor of your drink rests heavily on the ingredients and tools used in preparation and serving. From a proper cocktail shaker to a decent set of glasses to serve, everything adds to the essence of the drink.

If you have a versatile bibulous or a random bar enthusiast in your life, you can gift them the most essential items they’d want for a perfect cocktail this Christmas. Making a gift selection is not a comfortable thing to do, especially when it’s risky stepping out of the house to handpick them. We have here rounded up some of the most essential tools a cocktail enthusiast should have in their home bar – and you purchase online.

Cocktail Shaker with Hawthorne Strainer

Whether you’re making a Margarita, Mojito or a Manhattan, a perfect stir and shake is what makes the difference. You can always choose to pick a cocktail shaker separately but in a combo with a Hawthorne strainer you can get a perfect blend and purified drink that’s free of ice chunks and other larger ingredients. Give your cocktail a water-tight shake, pour the strained drink into a glass and you’re good to serve. If you may, the combo also comes with a professional bartender style Jigger to measure from 0.5oz through 2oz.

Cocktail Muddler and Mixing Spoon

To let your friend take their cocktail game to the next level with a stainless steel cocktail muddler with a nylon head that can mash herbs, fruits, spices and even ice with same consistency. The 10-inch grooved head muddler from Hiware comes with a cocktail mixing spoon which has a twisted stirring rod and a trident fork at one end. The spoon is tailor made for stirring, mixing and draining and the twisted stem makes is easier to grip. Interestingly, the fork end can be used to dig up the fruit remains instead of using a tweezer.

Cocktail Glasses Set

Ask any cocktail lover and they will tell you how important it is to serve the drink in a decent glass tailored for the sublime drink you’ve prepared. If a glass would be your pick – as a gift, our recommendation would be a four-piece Afina cocktail glasses set by JoyJolt. These 8oz glasses have a heavy base for elegance and stability. The capacity is perfect for serving martinis, mixed cocktails or anything of your liking. These sturdy glasses are ideal for bar owners who expect a lot of glass breakage, and for a style statement, these come in a beautiful gift box that makes them overly exciting present for your loved ones.  

Reusable Stainless Steel Straws

A set of reusable stainless steel straws is a must for cocktail sessions because no one likes to sip of plasticky or soggy paper straws – therefore gift your buddy this premium set of silver colored stainless steel straws this time. This StrawExpert set of 16 reusable straws comes with a travel case and a cleaning brush. All accessories and the straws themselves are made from food grade materials. The straws with colorful silicone tips have a wall thickness of 0.5mm which is ideal for a good sip and convenience of cleaning.  

Bar Cart

An attractive bar cart is not just a way to maneuver your drinks, glass and eatable, it is also a great way to display your assortment of spirit bottles and bartending tools. FirsTime & Co. Francesca Bar Cart has a metal frame and wooden shelves for an old-school look. With four wheels in the base it can be moved around easily, while its two-tier layout offers enough space to hold your stuff. For an additional benefit, the cart has racks on the second tier to hold wine bottles and glasses.  

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