Givenchy Monumental Mallow Sneakers now available

Givenchy has just introduced a new pair of sneakers. It will probably remind you of something you have seen recently at the Met Gala 2021.

The new Givenchy Monumental Mallow is the latest design from the luxury brand under the creative direction of Matthew M Williams. The pair literally looks like a silhouette or maybe a shadow. Admit it or not, it’s reminiscent of Kim Kardashian’s black shadow haute couture gown. No, it’s not Givenchy but Balenciaga. 

Givenchy Monumental Mallow in High-Top, Low-Top

Givenchy Monumental Mallow Sneakers White 3

The Givenchy Monumental Mallow Sneakers are available in two versions: one high-top design with a mesh sock liner and a low-top    variant. This was one shown off during a runway show for  Fall/Winter 2021 featuring the latest collection from Givenchy. 

The runner base of the shoes is smooth matte. The high-top version is available in cream (white). It appears to have sculptural lines around the heel and toe areas. The construction is all-rubber uni-piece. 

Givenchy Monumental Mallow Sneakers Design

Givenchy Monumental Mallow Sneakers Brown 2

The mesh ribbed knit sock is what makes the shoe high-top, extending from the shoe and the tongue. The insole shows the Givenchy branding. The toothed outsole is set in black. 

The low-cut version is almost the same except for the knit sock. Without it, the Givenchy Monumental Mallow low-cut sneakers appear to be a bit chunky–or more like a marshmallow, I guess. Other variations are matte brown, matte black, and shiny black. 

The Givenchy Monumental Mallow High-Top Sneakers are more expensive at $895. The Givenchy Monumental Mallow Low-Top Sneakers are $595. The shiny version is $695. Available on Givenchy webstore.