Glenlivet Capsule Collection is for real

The world used to just dream of drinks being taken from edible capsules. It used to be just an idea but now, the market is slowly embracing it because of the call out for brands to offer sustainable packaging.

Water capsules or edible water pods came out first. It is actually a smart idea that can be applied to other beverages. Ah yes, that is why Glenlivet grabbed the same concept for its drinks.

Cocktail in Capsules is the New Trend

An original whiskey drinking experience is being introduced by Glenlivet. You will soon be served with a special collection of edible cocktail capsules.

The capsule material is seaweed so you can just “eat and drink” it all up. For real. No kidding.

Not Quite Bottoms Up

Capsules on the rocks? No need for ice because we’re assuming the capsules can be chilled. No need for glass either. No need to stir ever. If people say it’s the wrong way to consume alcohol, don’t believe them. Alcohol is alcohol. Drink it however you want to drink your whiskey.

Tayēr, one of the top bars in London, came up with three new Founder’s Reserve for those who love whiskey. Try all three by popping one capsule at a time in your mouth. Take a bite for the flavors to be released.

Spirits Brands Can Be Sustainable Too

This is the first time a spirits brand has considered and actually implemented a more sustainable packaging solution. Standards on whiskey-drinking may be changed in the near future because of this innovation but it’s something we want to welcome with open arms. We’re just not sure now if the words “Bottoms up!” will still mean the same thing.

The London Cocktail week is still on. It’s now the 10th Year of Celebration and Glenlivet is serving the whiskey capsules at Tayer during the duration of the event. Feel free to taste and see if the capsule cocktail is the same as drinking several rounds of your favorite drink.