Gucci Pen with interlocking G case offers luxury writing experience

Say whatever you want, but typing can never replace the thrill of writing with a stylish pen on luxurious paper. Regardless of the digital age we live in, a gentleman must have a chic pen on him all the time should an occasion to write presents itself. Gucci understands this, which is why the Italian luxury fashion house has launched a collection of stylish pens with interlocking G cases.

Part of the 2022 Pen & Writing Sets, this all-new gold-tone pen with an interlocking G case is a luxury accessory that deserves a worthy place on every gentleman’s table. The collection recalls the roots of House of Gucci in the world of leisure, while this plain, gold-toned metal pen celebrates the history of the brand.

Metal pen with interlocking G case

The new gold-tone pen features a vintage design that is crafted with sustainable, renewable, and bio-based practices. The pen is available with both black and blue ink refills that impressively exhibit the spirited presentation of its design. It has a plain body that has a black enamel stopper, adorned with Gucci’s signature GG logo.

Well-defined by the interlocking G, the pen comes in a case crafted from Black Demetra, which is Gucci’s new groundbreaking vegan material developed from plant-based raw ingredients. It has been created with the same processes used for tanning, making it pliable and resilient with a supple finish.

2022 Pen & Writing Sets

The new pen set is available in either gold or silver tones. It comes in two Geometric G designs and one plain design. Gucci offers a black case with a green interior encasing each pen. You can pick any of the three pens from the collection to make a style statement and for a smooth writing experience.

The new Gucci gold-tone pen with interlocking G case is available on the brand’s website or through an authorized retailer for $550. The Geometric duo is available for $835.