Hasbro’s self-transforming Optimus Prime responds to voice-commands

Watching a Transformer shape-shift from a killing robot to a car is the coolest thing possible. While many have tried to bring to life the Optimus Prime robot as showcased in the blockbuster movies, only a few have achieved the hair-raising dynamics of the tricky robot.

Hasbro in partnership with Robosen Robotics seems to have achieved the sweet spot finally in the form of the $700 Optimus Prime Auto-Converting Programmable Robot that’s dope!

Autonomous Optimus Prime Robot 

Watching this thing magically transform into the one of the two forms (robot and a truck) is hypnotic. Revealed at the Pulse Fan Fest, the self-transforming robot can be controlled with app or even voice commands (25 pre-loaded commands) like “Roll Out,” “Attack,” or “Convert”, which trigger it into action courtesy the 27 patented high powered servo motors.

The Optimus Prime robot measuring 19-inches in height is made up of around 5,000 components and 60 connected microchips which put up the jaw-dropping transforming maneuver. Not only that it can perform bipedal walking tricks and race other vehicles in the truck form.        

Killer moves to leave you in awe

This is the most advanced Transformers robot for consumers to entertain themselves with at home – its way better than sticking your eyes to the digital display all day long! Plus the attention to detail for elements like emblems, lighting and chrome accents will compel you to looking at it – even when it lies stable on your living room shelf. 

Transformers fans are surely going to love this cool toy which took over 11 years of intense research to come to life. Add to the above-mentioned features the 80 different sound effects, and you are ready for the sweet nostalgic feel every time you wake this little beast up!