Heineken B.O.T AI-enabled cooler follows you with chilled beer

Tired of carrying around the beer cooler every time you want to beat the summer heat? B.O.T or Beer Outdoor Transporter from Heineken is here to help you out.

This cool new AI-enabled cooler is a robot that follows you where you need a pint. The autonomous robot B.O.T makes use of motion sensors to follow you around in the outdoors, so you can have a chilled drink right where and when you need it.

Beer Outdoor Transporter

Heineken B.O.T is a robot on wheels featuring four small wheels and a pair of large ones. Dressed in green, the cooler can hold up to two dozen beers and ice so even the largest gatherings can be taken care of by the pool or maybe out in the garden.

We say this because the B.O.T, in the promotional video, can be seen following the owner autonomously on grass and at the poolside. This is indicative of the fact that Heineken’s little droid cannot handle the rougher terrains for now (if you thought of taking it to a campsite).

Getting one

As gimmicky and techy as it may seem, the robotic cooler is still a wired product to own, personally speaking of course. But if you want to show off the next time you host your colleagues for lunch, Heineken’s B.O.T is a nice guy to have in that case.

If you want one, you will have to sign-up for a chance to win one on the Heineken B.O.T website (it will not be mass produced) on July 1. Details are scanty on how the winner(s) will be selected, but from the video it is clear that the Beer Outdoor Transporter will feature a speaker and small screen.