Air-Ring air purifying mask makes breathing safe, unconstrained and enjoyable

High reliability on face masks has gotten many brands, labs and designers to conceptualize their own take on this most essential accessory today. With an intention to replace obstructive masks with clear and safe masks, Biotlab is working on Air-Ring, a wearable solution for unprecedented breathing protection all-day round.

The stylish and elegant wearable is designed to slip on and off easily. It is worn around the neck, with its air filters draping to the back and the battery array resting on the wearer’s chest. With its stylish approach and utmost purification possibilities, the Air-Ring intends to create a future where breathing is “safe, unconstrained and enjoyable.”

Air Purification

The futuristic-looking Air-Ring looks like it has come straight out from some cyborg movie to be worn around your neck and surround your face with refreshing, purified air that can prevent the wearer from virus like Covid-19, pathogens and particulate matter.

The air drawn into the unit passes through foam and HEPA filters before heading through the UV-C LED array and photocatalytic sterilizer to go all the way back to the carbon filter for final purification before the fresh, clean air is blown directly to the users face through the twin adjustable arms that hold a mask or face shield up to the frame of your face.

The Air-Ring is battery-powered and has an onboard unit, which powers the entire air-filtration process for eight straight hours before requiring a recharge. It can be charged using a USB port – from say a power bank – to enhance the filtration duration.


The face mask holding arms are equipped with LEDs featuring a range of colors and also have magnetic tips that snap the face mask, open screen, sealing the mask in place. And when you are out for a run, pop the screen out and place it into the unit’s magnetic holder on the back, and go on with the open mask, where a protective shield is not required still breathing fresh, purified air.

Of course, the Air-Ring “generates a private atmosphere of refreshing, purified, air for safe, active breathing,” it doesn’t vouch for maybe an N95 grade medical protection against the coronavirus. But when you are walking around wearing an Air-Ring, you can assure yourself clean air worth the weight of the rig on your shoulders.

The new Air-Ring is not yet available and there are no details on how it will be priced, but we learn that Biotlab is preparing to launch a crowd-funding campaign to garner interest for its innovative wearable air purifier. 

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