“Hello Kitty Tokyo” watch designed in honor of Olympics 2021 is now available

2020 was nothing like anyone in their sane mind would have predicted it to be. Many events had to either be postponed or canceled; Olympics 2020 to be held in Tokyo being one of them. The mega-event was pushed over by a year and in all likeliness should take place this year.

As a tribute to the upcoming Tokyo Olympics, Hong Kong-based watchmaker has introduced the Hello Kitty Tokyo wristwatch, which has a perfect recipe to be an instant hit with fans. The watch comes with interchangeable bands, but that is just one of the aspects that fans would consider.

The design

Hello Kitty Tokyo is not a simple, fashion oriented watch; it’s pretty functional at the same time. The watch features a metallic white and gray dial inside stainless steel casing. The minimalist dial is accentuated by the indexes replaced by small Swarovski crystals in red and silver colors.

The most fascinating bit on the dial ae the Hello Kitty in her original avatar at 6 o’clock, while her iconic red bow is placed at the 12 o’clock position. The Hello Kitty Tokyo watch comes with two interchangeable nylon straps in Hello Kitty’s trademark bright red color – while one band is designed to wrap once around the wrist, the other one wraps around twice.

The caseback and more

The caseback of the Hello Kitty Tokyo is made from see-through domed K1 glass. It features Tokyo motif, has Hello Kitty head UV-printed on the glass with the city skyline drawn in blue within it. Continuing with the caseback, under all this is the Hello Kitty Tokyo logo, which makes the timepiece a collector’s item.

There is still time for the Tokyo Olympics to get underway, but the watch is available right away from the Undone Japan’s website for 29,700 yen (approx. $280). The Hello Kitty wristwatch comes packed in a special, gray linen box with Hello Kitty Tokyo logo on it.