Hermès Savana Dance Skates come with detachable sneakers

French luxury fashion goods maker Hermès is renowned for its plush take of lifestyle accessories. Basically anything carrying the Hermès brand name has got to be different from the league.  

So why not a pair of roller skates this time around from the luxury brand? Yes, quad-styled roller skates draped in style, elegance, and functional approach. These are the Savana Dance Skates which are a part of the Savana division of sporting goods. Unlike the popular inline skates, these roller skates evoke a sense of nostalgia.

Versatile and stylish Hermès Savana Dance Skates

Putting functional use to the eye-catchy roller skates, Hermès managed to incorporate a mindful 2-in-1 design which is removable. The upper sneaker portion can be detached with utmost ease, courtesy the quick-lock mechanism.  

What this means is, you can wear the uptown sneakers on their own when not hitting the skating rink or city streets on your roller skates. This versatility adds value to the use of Hermes Savana Dance Roller Skates.

Top sneaker design and roller skate base

Designed with a keen eye for detail, the sneakers come in white calfskin with leather lining. Since it has to couple with the roller skates section easily, there is a Maplewood base for secure the coupling. The bottom side of this base has a Savana Dance print which is noticeable when the skates are turned upside down.    

Talking about the roller skate base, it has a set of Krypto Impulse wheels and a robust metal frame. For these unique roller skates, you’ll have to shell out $4,450; they can be bought right away from the Hermès online store.