Stix Golf Clubs Aim to Shake Things up by Bringing Together High Quality and Minimalist Design at a Fair Price

Even though we see the attire of the modern-day Golfer keeping up with the times, we seldom see their equipment do the same. There’s a good reason for this. Equipment is expensive, and the designs are often dated. Enters Stix Golf to shake things up a bit with their 12-piece complete set of all-black clubs.

Stix Golf’s design ethos is based upon the core belief that less is more. The company aims to create a minimalistic aesthetic for the modern-day golfer, while not sacrificing on the quality or performance of their product. These high-grade clubs are manufactured with precision finished and premium materials like Titanium, Stainless Steel, and Graphite.

Simple Design Premium Product

The elegant black-on-black finish of the Stix clubs make them less distracting than other products on the market. They achieve this by cutting out all the “noise” that you would often find in other club design. The final product of this minimalistic approach is that you get dependable hardware that feels good and performs well.

With the Stix Golf clubs, the company does not over-hype their product by making over the top claims about making you a pro golfer overnight. They strongly believe that the skill always lies with the golfer, but their product helps maximize and optimize that skill. A golfer who feels good about their hardware, will perform better at the game.

Golfing Made Accessible to All

Falling in the mid-point price range, The Stix clubs make golfing accessible to a much larger demographic, all while competing shoulder to shoulder in performance, with leading golf equipment manufacturing companies. This makes the clubs perfect as either an upgrade or a first-time purchase.

Stix offers its product direct-to-customer, cutting the middleman, and passing along the savings to the consumer. The clubs are offered with free shipping and a hassle-free 30-day return policy. The Stix Golf clubs retail at a modest $799.