ICOMA Tatamel Bike is foldable electric motorcycle we’ll use to commute to work

Foldable electric bikes are in the trend. But the idea of electric motorcycles is something that manufacturers have been running after for quite some time now. The notion seems to be somewhat on track, considering a Japanese bike manufacturer ICOMA has conceptualized a foldable electric motorcycle that could set the design wheel in motion. 

Dubbed the Tatamel Bike, this is an idea of an electric motorcycle that one can fold up to stow away under the work desk or in a small space conveniently. Designed with the idea of convenient storage, the extremely interesting Tatamel Bike will be an affordable and eco-conscious way to commute to work every day.

The foldable motorcycle

The idea of an electric motorcycle to commute to work or around the town and the folded up to fit under the desk is not ready for purchase just yet. The ICOMA’s bike is still in the production stage and may differ from how we see it in the images at the moment.

The Tatamel Bike is as convenient to use as efficient it is to ride and store. The bike can be unfolded by sliding the seat back and lifting the handlebar to lock perpendicularly. The back wheel slides out backward from underneath the side panel and you’re all set to ride. 

Battery, mileage and more

When unfolded the Tatamel Bike measures almost 48-inches long, about 39-inch high and roughly 26-inches in width. In the folded form factor, the electric minibike shrinks down to 28-inches in length, 27-inches high and only is 10-inches wide. The information on the weight of the bike is not specified at the moment, since it’s still in development. In fact, the specification detailed above could also stand changed when the final version is revealed.

The interesting rectangular wooden side panels that cover the innards of the Tatamel Bike are basically customizable. Users can have these panels designed however they want.  The motorized bike is powered by a lithium iron phosphate battery which propels it at 40kmph. Interestingly, the battery can run the motorbike for good 50km on a single charge. There is no word on when it’ll be launched, but we are really excited and are eagerly waiting!