Hot Wheels R/C Batmobile returns with affordable version for Batman fans

We are inching close to the release of The Batman, and Mattel Creations has come up with the scaled RC replica of the Batmobile all set to show up in the movie. Matt Reeves has already given us all a sneak peek of the solitary Batman’s ride which looks more like a muscle car.

Unlike the previous monstrous iterations of the Batmobile, this time around the filmmaker is going for a more realistic look for the Robert Pattinson starrer. The collector platform has enchanted RC toy fans with creations like the MEGA X Cybertruck and the reimagined version of the Batmobile before any one of us had a chance to witness the actual model teased by Matt. That one had a price tag of $500, and it has already been sold out.

Original Edition Batmobile

The 1:10 scale model replica of the superhero’s crime-fighting accomplice is dubbed the Hot Wheels R/C Original Edition Batmobile. It’s going to be a limited edition offering, but no clear numbers have been detailed yet. Both, The Batman and RC car fanatics will get a good chance to show off this toy for big boys or add it to their collection displayed on the living room shelf.

This edgy muscle car is loaded with pistol grip remote control to perform high-speed skirmishes on the streets or in the backyard. The RC car can hit a top speed of 10 mph without toppling over with sharp steering inputs which is impressive. It gets working suspensions and rear-wheel drivetrain – just like we want from a muscle car.

Realism of Batman’s ride

The RC car has a fully replicated cockpit, an intimidating rear jet, and headlamps with LED lights to keep the realism going. It misses out on the water-activated mist effect, diorama or the animatronic Batman figure, but we are not complaining at all. Definitely not for a price tag of $100 for the original version. It can accommodate any 7-inch Batman figurine, so that should not be a problem for die-hard superhero fans either. 

On a single charge the RC car can be played around with for 20 minutes non-stop. Hot Wheels R/C Original Edition Batmobile is only going to be available for a limited time, so you better keep an eye at 9 AM PT on February 24 to place the pre-order.