Iconic British sports car brand MG to return with an EV

MG is an iconic British brand that produced sports cars for decades. The cars were known for being convertible and seating only two people. The cars were very small and typically powered by four-cylinder engines. A new report suggests that MG could be returning to the UK in 2021.

Anyone hoping for a combustion-engine powered vehicle to compete with the Mazda MX-5 and other small roadsters may be disappointed. MG is reportedly returning to the market with an electric sports coupe. The vehicle is rumored to be based on the 2017 E-Motion concept. However, the automaker is said to come back with several new and refreshed models, with the electric sports coupe being one of them.

The launch is expected in late 2021, and the company is reportedly gearing up to sell 1 million cars annually by 2024. The electric sports coupe is expected to be its halo car, with other models sliding into the range. Perhaps that means we will get that roadster after all.

The report indicates that a value-focused electric supermini will be the entry-level model. It’s unclear if the entire MG range will be electric at this time. MG is no longer British owned. It’s currently owned by a Chinese automotive giant called Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation, or SAIC. The flagship EV will be a two-door four-seat vehicle.

Exact specifications with EV are unknown. It does use the SAIC modular electric architecture that features a twin-motor, four-wheel-drive powertrain. The driving range has been promised at over 300 miles. We should learn more ahead of the expected late 2021 launch for the flagship EV.