Bentley’s rear-seat entertainment system is new reason to hop into a Bentayga or Flying Spur

There is no reason to sit at the back of your Bentley. You want to be behind the wheel feeling the power and throttle on offer. With Bentley’s new rear entertainment system this is about to change for the better; owners will now have a definite reason to hop into the back of their Flying Spur or Bentayga.

Bentley has recently unveiled its new rear-seat entertainment system, which will find its way into both the Bentayga and Flying Spur. This will allow passengers on the back seat to access an “ever-expanding world of entertainment” through an immersive environment created with the help of 10.1-inch HD screens attached to the back of the front seats.

Digital entertainment guaranteed

The system comprises two 10.1-inch full HD, 1920 x 1080 pixel displays, which are attached to the head rests of the front passenger seats. These screens employ “bring your own device” concept, which permits the passengers to connect their own mobile device over Bluetooth and stream content directly to the car’s rear entertainment system.

These tablet-style displays are removable and can be connected using a pair of headphones for personal entertainment. And when you’re not using the headphones, you can choose to stream the content directly to the car’s Naim sound system, in the Flying Spur features an industry-leading 2,200 Watts of power.

Connectivity and entertainment

For the love of all Netflix fans, the streaming service comes pre-installed with Bentley rear-seat entertainment system. Passengers can thus watch content on Netflix without having to stream it from their personal device. For streaming from other platforms such as Amazon Prime, Disney+ and Apple TV an external mobile device would be required.

Connectivity needs of the Bentley rear entertainment are taken care of by USB Type-C port and headphone jack. There is also an HDMI port on board in case you want to connect your game console to the immersive system.