IKEA rolls out first smart air purifier that comes integrated into a table

Swedish flat-pack furniture giant IKEA doesn’t really settle for the ordinary. Even more prominent to its approach to design is affordability, space-saving and multi-functionality. Thriving on the defined approach and tapping into the space most crucial today, IKEA has announced it first smart air purifier for our homes.

Demand for air purifiers has risen tremendously since we are confined to our homes due to the pandemic. Catching up with the demand, air purifiers are available dime and dozen, even IKEA has its own FÖRNUFTIG Air purifier. This is however the brand’s first smart purifier, which is also a table.

The Starkvind

If you’re for convenience and what an air purifier controllable via an app, and compatible with other smart features, the new IKEA Starkvind is tailored for your home.

Reportedly, the Starkvind comes in two options. It is either available as a standalone, floor-standing air purifier or comes integrated into a table. The app-based control for these air purifiers is essential to keep tabs on the quality air indoors and adjust the fan speeds, but to use the app, users will require a separate TRÅDFRI smart home hub.

Pricing and availability

The smart hub is the way other IKEA smart products such as light bulbs, window blinds et al, communicate with the phone (via the compatible app). If you’re not controlling the Starkvind air purifier(s) through the app, its auto mode will rely on the built-in sensors to adjust the five-speed fan depending on the dust and smaller particles in the air.

The floor-standing and the table integrated air purifiers both come with three filtrations system aboard. These are designed to capture 99.5 percent of smaller airborne particles in addition to hair and dust, pollen and bad odor. Both the speakers are expected to roll out in October 2021. The standalone Starkvind will retail for $129 in black and white colors, while the table-mounted air purifier will cost you $189.