inDare’s OTE Juicer is palm-sized blender that lets you enjoy smoothies anywhere

Whether you want to add more nutrients in your diet plan or wish to start your morning with a refreshing glass of juice, a good juicer fulfils that desire.

From pulpy sweetness of fruits to healthy components of leafy greens, juicers can provide a revitalizing start to your day. Although these kitchen appliances can sometimes look unimaginative and intimidating, the brand new OTE Juicer is different.

The design

inDare’s OTE Juicer is a cute, adorable palm-sized blender that can accompany you anywhere you want. It is a tiny blender with a small, bulbous design that makes it approachable and friendly.

The sleek design of this kitchen gadget is not only highly functional but aesthetically pleasing as well. The blender is available in different soothing and sober color options, including cream, dusty pink, and pale blue.

The features

The OTE Juicer is palm-sized with a base-heavy design. A transparent juice container sits on top, while a chrome key on side operates the tiny blender and prepares delicious and healthy juices for you.

It can make your favorite juices, smoothies, shakes, sauces, spice-powders, and more. Moreover, the glass container is detachable and comes with a separate cap with a wrist-loop, which allows you to take your juices with you wherever you go.