Introducing Jacob & Co. Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon Baguette Black and Orange Sapphires

Watchmaker Jacob & Co and Bugatti have yet again gotten together for a visceral sensation of the Bugatti 16-cylinder engine watch. The timepiece features 18K white gold case adorned with diamonds and orange and black sapphires.

The Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon Baguette Black and Orange case, as you expect is inspired by the flowing lines of the Bugatti Chiron while the movement powering it is replica of the hypercar engine block visible through the sapphire crystal glass.

The embellished beauty

The special edition timepiece with 55x44mm white gold case is graced with 190 baguette white diamonds, 109 baguette black sapphires and 42 baguette orange sapphires. There is a tinge of blue sapphire on the tourbillon. The paving continues onto the crown and pushers which are set with additional 60 baguette black sapphires.

The skeleton dial of the watch presents are clear visual of the engine-inspired movement, the 30-degree inclined flying tourbillon and the 60 hour power reserve (fuel reserve replica) indicator through the sapphire crystal top. The most captivating still, all diamonds and sapphires aside, is the engine block and movement of the crankshafts, which is one of the smallest, and most complicated watch part ever made using only single piece of solid steel.

More details

Powered by the in-house JCAM37, 578-component, manual winding movement that comprises 16-piston imitation that courtesy the crankshaft spins like the real thing when activated.

Limited to only a single piece, this Jacob & Co. Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon Baguette Black and Orange Sapphires comes on a rubber strap with 18K white gold buckle set with 18 baguette white diamonds. Price is available on request.