James Brand & AETHER EDC Kit is for the men

Not many people may believe there are men that care much about their looks. Say it’s vanity but for us, it’s basically good hygiene. If you’ve attained a certain level in life, others expect you to look so well-put together. Well, you’re not supposed to change but at least, you need to learn how to be clean, proper, and aesthetically speaking.

It’s not just the ladies who have vanity kits. Guys too have their Everyday Carry kit. It’s simply called as EDC and it’s getting some brand stamp– James Brand. Well, it’s not really a guy’s vanity kit but if there is one thing a man must always have in his pocket or traveling are the essentials.

This is the Weatherproof EDC Kit by James Brand & AETHER. You can say it’s nothing grand but we like it that way—minimalist.

Everyday Carry Kit for the Simple Guy

The EDC KIT comes with other items like a limited-edition pen and knife and a Moleskine notebook. If you may remember, James Brand’s Clovis pocket knife introduced before. It shows a minimalist design that many people prefer.

Everyday Carry (EDC) kit comes with a weatherproof case. It’s ready with a notebook, pen, and a knife. Inside is a diamond-patterned grip for ease. The pocket knife comes with a 2.5-inch blade length. It also comes with a bottle opener and screwdriver. It boasts a lookback design so it’s safe.

Secure and Perfect for Traveling

Securing the knife and pen inside, there are ultra-durable straps plus an elastic daisy chain for smaller cords and gadgets. The kit is great for traveling so consider this as another helpful design.

If not knives or pens, you can put your other daily-use items like maybe a scraper, screwdriver, or a bottle opener. You can put just about anything inside and not worry about it getting wet because it’s waterproof.

So what’s the damage? The James Aether EDC Kit listed at $275. It’s set in Dark Charcoal Heather so it’s subtle and simple—perfect for a minimalist guy like you.