James Brand Micarta and stainless steel pocket knife kicks off 2021 in style

James Brand is not related to eponymous British secret service agent, nonetheless it has some of the most exciting pocket knives to its credit. From brass to titanium and steel to Micarta, the brand has knives made from all sorts of materials.

For 2021, the James Brand is trying something extraordinary – a collaboration of Micarta and stainless steel. This new knife collection is by far the best looking in the elaborate collection.

The finish

In addition to designing productive knives – that won’t leave you stranded when it matters – the brand also is famous for experimenting with different finishes, which is yet again exhibited in this new model that is a modern and robust take on the grandfather’s pocket knife.

Dubbed the Pike, the remake of the company’s most popular front flipper in Micarta and stainless steel remodels the classic pocket knife aesthetics with a modern twist that is bound to impress an occasional enthusiast and a pro alike. The use of eye-pleasing material and clean design makes the pocket knife really friendly, easy to use, and of course a point of discussion.

The details

Made from Sandvik 12c27 steel, the wharncliffe shaped blade is delivered in 2.3-inches length. The slip joint style knife measure only 2.1 ounces making it really handy to use and carry in the pocket.

Available in a range of colors black Micarta and stainless steel finish, the Pike is a modern grandfather’s pocket knife that will set you back $120. It may seem expensive, but the convenience and the confidence it will offer in demanding situations is unparalleled.