Japanese store launches easy to install sauna tent with wood-burning stove inside

Frequent campers who want to carry their sauna along so that they can relieve the stiffness, reduce stress, and regain overall energy after a long day will find an adequate partner in this sauna tent. This portable rendition of the sauna is designed and developed by Iam Sauna in Japan.

This incredible tent with a wood-burning stove has been introduced by the Japanese company to make cold weather camping more enjoyable. The portable sauna in a tent is effortless to install, use and carry home later.

Portability and convenience

Designed to be effortless to set up: the sauna can be erected in place by simply pulling its stings on all four sides and pushing up the ceiling from the middle. And in an instant (under a minute as seen in the video) the hot sauna tent is ready for easing your down after a long hike.

This is a six men tent, which has five windows to allow in an abundance of natural light and offer the inhabitants a panorama of the wilderness outside. The tent makes provision for installing a wood-burning stove – made from iron with folding legs for portability. The stove is fitted with an exhaust pipe peeping out of the tent through a special vent in the ceiling.

More details

The stove has been tested to work effectively inside the tent, which is made from a triple-layer waterproof 420 denier oxford woven curtain. Fiber cotton is used in the construction for insolation and the ceiling is made of fire-resistant fabric.

At this point, we are not sure about the weight and the portability aspect of the stove, but from how it appears the sauna is easy to carry and set up and you can have a peaceful camp night inside during the cold winter. If you’re interested you can check out more details on Iam sauna.