John Lautner designed Garcia House is a masterpiece revived

One of the most exciting pieces of architecture standing atop Hollywood Hill is the Garcia House. At 7436 Mulholland Drive, resting over its V-shaped supports, 60-feet above the canyon, the Garcia House was designed by John Lautner in 1962 for jazz musician Russell Garcia and his wife.

The family home of the Garcia’s has changed hands and is now owned by John Mcllwee and Bill Damaschke since 2002. The mid-century marvel has gone through some renovation over the last two decades but the main structure and aesthetics of the house remain all retro-beautiful.

Garcia Home

It is a unique almond eye shaped structure, appearance of which is further enhanced by a curved roof and steel stilts it rests on, ensuring at no point the house touches the ground. Courtesy the colorful stained-glass panels on the facade, it is also referred to as the Rainbow House.

On the inside, the house has a large living space highlighted by the arched roof, expansive open areas that connect different parts of the structure. The house was constructed in two-parts to facilitate Garcia prepare his music in one part without disturbing the residents on the other side.

The renovated old

John Mcllwee and Bill Damaschke in association with architecture firm Marmol Radziner have renovated the old, lost structure of Garcia House – restoring it to its original glory, without altering the aesthetics in any way.

According to Mcllwee, not even “one piece of the footprint” has been changed so that the “structural integrity” is not “compromised” in any way. For instance, Marmol Radziner restored the terrazzo floors, the light fittings, and reduced floor area inside to attain the original transparency of the house so it can relive the artistic splendor.

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  • Anthony van Fossen
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    What a horrible desecration of a John Lautner masterpiece!

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