Karhu Fusion 2.0, Synchron Classic updated for the Monthless period

Karhu hasn’t been mentioned here ever but the Finnish footwear label has the potential to become bigger than it already is in Finland. The brand is actually an old icon in its native country but it’s only now that it’s gaining global recognition.

Karhu is bringing two of its most famous and signature silhouettes back in the market as a new capsule known as ‘Monthless’ pack. You will see new colorways and some improvements in the design.

Karhu Preps For the Monthless Period

The Monthless pack is for this February. It’s a “monthless” period because of the snowy and cold weather. Check out the new colorway: Night Sky/Lantana.

The Karhu Fusion 2.0 Night Sky features suede overlays in off-white mesh, pink Lantana paneling, and the yellow “M” logo. The Karhu Synchron Classic also comes in the same colorway aside from ‘Lunar Rock’.

Karhu Updates Design and Aesthetics

Karhu has updated the Fusion 2.0 and Synchron Classic for “Monthless”. There are plenty of colorways introduced in the past when we know there are still more colors that can be combined. The sneaker and lifestyle brand uses suede, color-blocked leather, and soft nylon mesh in the Night Sky/Lantana, as well as, the updated Synchron Classic.

To review the Karhu Synchron Classic, the pair comes with a compression-molded EVA midsole. Such midsoles are usually available in modern running shoes like this series from the Finnish sports shoe brand.

From the upper to overlays to dual-density construction, the pair is improved every time a new color combo is introduced. Even the air cushion tech is enhanced which is obvious in the outsole. Even the Synchron lacing structure is highlighted here.

The pairs with new colorways will be available beginning February 14. You can get them from Sneakersnstuff.

No information on pricing yet but it should be affordable enough. By that, we mean something below $150.