Kensington StudioCaddy tidies up the desk by charging, storing four Apple devices together

Kensington StudioDock iPad docking station is one of the more fascinating accessories made to hold the iPad up as a desktop display. Thriving on its success, Kensington has now released the StudioCaddy – a recharging station and stand to keep your desk organized and your range of Apple devices in close proximity.

In addition to being storage peripheral, the StudioCaddy with Qi Wireless Charging for Apple Devices can be used to charge up to four devices simultaneously. While the accessory is compatible with gadgets from all ecosystems, it is, as the name suggests, Apple and its fanboys that Kensington is trying to lure with StudioCaddy.

The utility

Attractively designed with a combination of materials ranging from plastic to aluminum and a nice fabric stitching overlay, the StudioCaddy comprises two separate components that snap together magnetically.

The two halves are the wireless charger and the storage compartment. The former features dual Qi wireless charging pads – one is a vertical charger for the iPhone and the other a flat recessed charger for the AirPods. The second component is a metal stand with a slot to store the MacBook and a rubberized shelf to stack the iPad.

Pricing and availability

Some early reviews suggest the StudioCaddy, with rubber grip on the bottom, is nicely balanced and stable. It does not slip around the desk and can securely hold your collection of Apple devices.

That said, the charging half of the accessory also features a USB-C and a USB-A ports on the side, which provide 20W and 12W output respectively and can juice up the docked iPad and MacBook through a wired connection. The wireless AirPods charger delivers 5W while the vertical option for the iPhone supports 10W and juices iPhones at 7.5W.

If you are game, the Kensington StudioCaddy is now available through the brand’s website for $179.99. Of course, that is too much for a charger and dock, but then style and substance see no price; what do you think? The Kensington StudioCaddy with Qi Wireless Charging for Apple Devices is also available through Amazon.