Smith introduces custom-fit goggles that could change the outdoor scene

Smith Optics has been harnessing the goodness of latest tech to create gear for the outdoorsy with the intention to enhance user experience. Latest to join the assortment is the company’s first fully customized goggles that is 3D printed to fit the unique facial geometry of each individual user.

The idea is pretty simple: you select a strap and two lenses and place your order and using the Smith’s app the customized goggles are delivered to you in no less than two weeks. Each I/O Mag Imprint 3D is priced at $450 but that’s a bargain probably if you’re getting a pair with seamless fit that’s designed particularly for your face.

Using unique facial features

The goggles for the snow are made to order by 3D printing the frame using the app that scans the face and then prints it based on the unique facial features of the customer. This ensures the frame has a very seamless fit, which is not just more comfortable but lightweight as well.

The possibility of designing the frame to the geometry of an individual face means the tension on the supporting strap is reduced and the excess foam used to make the frames fit better can also be eliminated. This then translates into a pair of goggles with no light leak, air gaps or hot gaps so you can focus on the terrain and turns without worrying about the gear.

Unmatched comfort and style

The I/O Mag Imprint is designed by Smith for all-day comfort without compromising style. As per Smith, the goggles are so lightweight and comfortable that you’d barely feel it’s there.

Most interestingly, along with the custom-built frame, users are also greeted by the MAG interchangeable lens system that lets you swap lens on the go. The goggles can be worn effectively with helmets, if you may, and its anti-fog inner lens ensures a clear and undistorted view in all kinds of weather.