Penfolds record player console with wine drawer will complement your riches

If are to name two things that gel well together, wine and music would definitely be in the top choices. To give the super-enthusiastic a reason to grab onto a dynamic option with a combo, Penfolds released a limited edition record player that has music and wine as the focal point.

Launched to mark the 70th anniversary of Grange – vintner’s finest wine – the limited edition Grange record player is a console handcrafted in traditional wood furniture making skills by Symbol Audio.

The console

Inspired by classic all-in-one consoles of the 50s, the same time when the Grange was introduced, this cabinetry is handmade by a single Symbol Audio craftsman over 100 hours of painstaking effort.

The first vintage Penfolds Grange was introduced 70 years back by winemaker Max Schubert. The wine is considered one of the finest at least in Australia. To put that into perspective, a bottle of vintage Grange from 1951 was sold for almost $41,000 in 2017.

The details

This gorgeous cabinetry with a record player on top and a drawer featuring bottles of Grange magnum duo from 2010 and 2017 also includes a hand-blown Grange Decanter. The luxurious accessory for the home is not limited to bling alone, according to Penfold, the record player “brings together time-honored analog electronics with digital technology.”

The console delivers premium audio through a pair of speakers and features a compartment toward the bottom to stack up some vinyl and wine glasses. Wine and music both complement the mood, for which the Penfolds’ console is backlit with mood-enhancing lights. 

As you would have guessed, this is super exclusive. Only seven exclusively crafted examples of the console will be produced. The price is available on request.