Kobe Bryant’s Adidas Crazy 1 reintroduced in Sunshine colorway

Kobe Bryant’s 2nd death anniversary has recently passed. It seems like yesterday that the basketball legend and his daughter left the word in a tragic helicopter accident. We’re not here to remember the pain but actually celebrate his life with a new pair of Kobe-themed rubber shoes. 

The Adidas Crazy 1 is not exactly a new pair. The old Kobe 1’s famous colorway that was used by the basketball player during the 2001 NBA All-Star Game is used here. The new iteration is more minimal with a sleeker shape but is accompanied by a more solid mold. 

Modern Adidas Kobe 1

Adidas Crazy 1 Sunshine Price

The new basketball sneakers from Adidas in Sunshine colorway give a happier and more energetic vibe. It’s mainly the Kobe 1 from 2001 that quickly became the NBA star’s signature shoes. 

Just in case you’ve forgotten, the pair’s design was inspired by the Audi TT Roadster sports car. Like the car, the shoes’ upper is bulky. The yellow color is also similar to what’s popular among the Audi TT line. The bright color combination is finished off by a gray EVA foam midsole and some black area on the ankle. 

Adidas Crazy 1 Sunshine Sneaker Design

Adidas Crazy 1 Sunshine Sneakers

On the side, you will see the debossed Three Stripes logo for subtle branding. The silver outsole is lined by a black material. The grill heel and the shell-toe look attractive in materials that are actually contrasting. 

Adidas Crazy 1 Sunshine Colorway

The Adidas Crazy 1 Sunshine Sneakers are dropping sometime in April. No details on the pricing and exact rollout yet but the market release will happen this coming April.