Skeleton Concept customizes Rolex for NFL star Antonio Brown

French Haute Horology atelier Skeleton Concept has painstakingly customized a Rolex Submariner ‘Hulk’ 116610LV in a colorful, skeletonized avatar for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Super Bowl champion Antonio Brown.   

Brown is known for his distinct style and eye for detail, which reflects in the “Antonio Brown Concept”, a skeletonized watch that’s deftly customized following all the instructions from the NFL star player. Brown wanted the watch customized to add an “original design” to it, which Skeleton Concept has duly honored.

Look and feel

The Antonio Brown Concept watch is an extension of the original Hulk theme. It is powered by a skeletonized 3135 caliber movement and has a nice dual-tone look to it. The rhodium-plated anthracite steel case of the watch is accompanied by the original green bezel.

For a stunning detail, the timepiece is presented in contrast of orange color, which is visible on the dive time on the bezel, around the crown, and subtly on the dial. The details continue to the back where the see-through caseback is covered in half with orange ionized oscillating weight.

The other details

The Antonio Brown Concept watch true embodiment of the NFL player’s athletic physique. The timepiece, in spite of keeping the Hulk image, is detailed to Brown’s instructions and designed perfectly to represent him. According to Skeleton Concepts, it took them a year to design and create the watch with details like the 7 and 10 Arabic numerals on the dial, which is a reference to Brown’s July 7 birth date.

This intriguing timepiece designed in collaboration between the NFL star and Skeleton Concept is limited to only 55 examples. There pricing and availability details have not been disclosed at the time of writing.