Lamborghini Menswear Fall-Winter 20-21 Collection showcased

Ah yes, the Lamborghini. We’ve shared with the gents quite a few models here and each one of them can be considered a supercar. But then not everyone can afford a Lamborghini or any luxury in the world.

That’s fine. Don’t pity yourself. It’s okay even if you cannot spend on some of the finer things in life. But maybe, just maybe—you can afford a Lamborghini jacket? If that’s all you can buy from the Automobili Lamborghini Fall Winter 2020-2021 Collection then probably we can consider you’ve made it.

You Can Drive and Wear a Lamborghini

The menswear RTW collection is the latest from Automobili Lamborghini. The Italians really know fashion as shown by each item. The line defines a contemporary look that is very Lamborghini. By that, we mean, casual yet luxurious

The Italian supercar brand has mentioned three ranges of the collection: Informal Luxury, Casual, and Pilota Ufficiale. Every piece here comes from the creative and cool minds of the designers tasked by the brand. If you’re familiar with the Lamborghini philosophy– clear contours, precise lines and, pure surfaces – you will notice it on the newly launched menswear collection. 

Lamborghini Menswear Fall-Winter 20-21 Items

We see a black leather biker jacket that boasts an appealing design like any Lamborghini super sports car. There are embossed hexagonal details that become attractive while the minimal-tech parka woven material makes the jacket waterproof.

A pair of shoes with a dynamic design of a grooved and textured pattern may beat all your other sneakers in your collection. For those always on the go, the black leather backpack looks classy yet very functional.

Other items in the Lamborghini Fall-Winter collection include a two-tone puffer jacket in Deep Green and Black that is great for cold environments, a pair of slim-fit jeans in indigo blue or total black, a waterproof weekender bag, sweatshirts and T-shirts with futuristic prints. No word on pricing and availability yet but we suggest you set aside money beginning today because you’ll want to buy the whole collection.