Lay’s original Flamin’ Hot is back, thanks to fans’ petition

Last year, Lay’s changed its Flamin’ Hot formula, which didn’t sit well with the fans of the classic chips. The love of the recipe made the die-hard fans passionately flood Lay’s social media channels and even sign a petition to bring the original formula back. And Lay’s is ready to deliver and we couldn’t be happier.

Working on its mission to spark joy and help its millions of fans “Stay Golden,” Lay’s simply couldn’t ignore the passion for this flavor. The petition worked and your beloved spicy snack is coming back to stores with its original recipe. Are you as excited as we are?

Flamin’ Hot is back

When the Frito-Lay brand changed its formula for flavor, it was met with great displeasure from people. Fans said that the new formula tasted more like “Spiced Lime” and they wanted the original recipe back. Now after much wait, Flamin’ Hot is back and will be available at retailers nationwide starting today.

With farm-grown potatoes, cooked and seasoned to perfection, these beloved chips are then fired up with hot chilies and seasonings, making the spicy flavor delectable to chip lovers. Lay’s will be sending apology letters and coupons to taste the beloved original flavor to thousands of petitioners who helped bring it back.

The petition worked

23,000 fans signed a petition demanding Lay’s bring back its original Flamin’ Hot chips. The petition pushed the brand to launch a recirculation of the flavor for its fans. Finely spicy chips are now being sold nationwide.

As per the petition, the chips “gave its niche audience everything they were looking for. All the subtle spice notes, the crunch and airy texture you can only find with a Lay’s Potato Chip, it was truly a match made in heaven.”