Billie Eilish to perform James Bond, No Time To Die theme song

James Bond will soon be singing. No, we’re kidding. But that made you cringe more than excited, right? We know Daniel Craig won’t agree but good thing the people behind the movie have options. After much deliberation, the final choice has been announced.

The 18-year old Billie Eilish will sing the title song for the movie. The official song for ‘NO TIME TO DIE’ is done. Billy co-wrote it with her brother Finneas.

Yet Another Achievement for the Young Artist

This project makes Billie Eilish the youngest artist ever to compose and record a theme song for James Bond. This comes as a no surprise because the young singer has been setting milestones since she was younger.

Billie has also announced the good news herself on her official Facebook page. She will be performing the official movie theme song for the 25th James Bond 007 film.

This news makes Eilish almost at the same level as Hans Zimmer who is creating the musical score for ‘No Time to Die’. We know their music are different but we can see the OST (Original Sound Track) listing the names of the two artists.

We don’t see any original post by Billie or the James Bond team containing the song but we see a few clips on YouTube. They’re not real. They’re simply fan-made videos with clips from the official movie trailer overlayed with Billie’s songs.

‘No Time To Die’ OST Will Be Awesome

Billie Eilish James Bond Soundtrack

Choosing Billie Eilish is said to be a bold move. She’s a young artist tapped to create music for a movie that appeals to the more mature generation. We’re not sure about the results but we can’t wait to hear the song. We also want to know if and how it will work with the music of Hans Zimmer.

James Bond is a favorite topic here. We first shared with you the official movie poster shared on James Bond Day. When the official ‘No Time to Die’ movie trailer dropped, we also shared it with the world.