Lazareth LM410 is an insane four-wheeled motorcycle

The Lazareth LM410 is nothing short of spectacular. It’s an insane four-wheeled motorcycle powered by the Yamaha R1’s 998-cc four-cylinder engine. And even though the LM410 has four wheels, it can still lean into corners like a conventional motorcycle.

Talk about coolness to the highest degree, right?

2020 Lazareth LM410

But if you think the LM410 is a bit extreme, wait until you see Lazareth’s first attempt at building the ultimate four-wheeled deathtrap of the future.

Before LM410, Lazareth created LM487

2016 Lazareth LM487

We won’t beat around the bush. Around three years ago, Lazareth came up with the LM487 pictured above. And as you can see, the new LM410 looks tamer than the wild LM487. Most of the wildness is from the four-wheel architecture, but part of it has something to do with the large motor lurking underneath.

That, my friends, is a Maserati V8 engine. And since Maserati engines are essentially built by Ferrari, the LM487 is officially powered by a Ferrari-sourced V8 motor. It produces 470-horsepower and 457 pound-feet of torque – more than enough power to scare the living daylights out of anyone brave enough to ride this thing.

Until now, Lazareth has yet to release the official performance numbers of LM487, but who needs to know? With a stonking V8 motor in what is basically a land rocket in a motorcycle’s body with four wheels, we reckon it goes like the proverbial stink.

The new LM410 is a tamer version of LM487

Unsurprisingly, the LM487 never made it into production. We guess it had more to do with potential buyer’s lack of bravery rather than demand, but Lazareth never lost hope. Company founder Ludovic Lazareth revised the blueprints came up with LM410.

The first to go was the Maserati V8. Since nobody in their right mind would dare explore the limits of a V8-powered motorcycle, Lazareth gave the LM410 a ‘smaller’ engine.

But it’s no ordinary small engine. Lazareth chose the Yamaha R1’s 998-cc inline-four-cylinder mill. However, Lazareth failed to disclose the horsepower and torque figures, but we know it’ll produce around 200-horsepower similar to the R1.

It’s lighter, too

With a stonking V8 motor, it’s no surprise the LM487 weighs dangerously close to 900 pounds. But since the new LM410 has four cylinders less, it weighs considerably less than LM487. What this means is better handling and a less high-strung, rider-friendly driving experience.

And yes, this thing can lean into corners like a normal motorcycle. The Lazareth LM410 is equipped with hinged axles to keep all four tires planted as you turn and lean into corners. However, it also has a locking system that keeps everything straight and steady at a stop.

Best of all, the Lazareth LM410 is totally road-legal.

But it won’t come cheap

According to Lazareth, the LM410 will start at around $107,000 (£100,000). Also, you won’t see a lot of this on the road since Lazareth is planning to only make 10 units of the LM410.

Is the Lazareth LM410 coming to North America, you say? Lazareth didn’t say. But if you have the moolah and the courage, we’re sure Lazareth is more than willing to accept your order.