LEGO adidas Superstar sneaker is a sweet combo from the two giants

It’s not every day that you come across a pair of shoes that you wish you could wear. This is beyond affordability – this is because it’s work of LEGO art that cannot really be worn. Enter LEGO and adidas’ new, and unexpected reveal, the adidas Original Superstar set.

The LEGO adidas Superstar is a shoe that’s built out of LEGO bricks. It is a buildable toy of the original black and white adidas Superstar sneaker complete with the shoelaces and special shoebox.

LEGO adidas Superstar

This latest collaborative effort is a perfect replica of the original Superstar highlighted by the signature toe box and the Three Stripes. The LEGO replica, unlike the leather upper of the iconic sneaker features LEGO bricks forming the upper, toe, heel and Three Stripes including other parts.

LEGO Adidas Originals Superstar features real laces, which you can tie in any way you like. When you have the sneaker delivered to you, it will come with small brick-built stand to display the shoe in any side you like.

The collaborative Superstar

LEGO and adidas have released a range of clothing, sneakers and other fashion essentials under their partnership, this is for the first time the collaborative Superstar set has been released. Based on the real one, this 731-piece brick-built set comes in UK7/US 7.5 size.

The display-worthy shoe will come packed in a unique shoebox designed the same way as the original with a label containing information about the LEGO adidas Superstar set. It will be going on sale starting July 1 through adidas website for $79.99.