Nike Air Jordan 9 Boot NRG Black Gum introduced

The Air Jordan brand will probably go on forever. Nike and Michael Jordan will continute to make a lot of money with the millions of Air Jordan pairs that will come out and will be sold. 

It’s almost four decades since Air Jordan has entered the market. We’ve seen many sneakerheads showing off their Air Jordan collections and we believe more will be added to the community.

We have probably featured Air Jordans here a dozen of times. The most recent was the Air Jordan 12 Royalty. We also remember the Air Jordan 6 Bordeaux. There’s the highly anticipated Air Jordan 36  and the Air Jordan 11 Cool Gray looking very lucrative. 

Updated Air Jordan 9

Nike Air Jordan 9 Boot NRG Black Gum Where to Buy

Today, we have the  Air Jordan 9 Boot NRG “Black Gum”. The design was first revealed in 2017. The style is returning just in time for the colder season. 

No, the pair isn’t really ideal for long winter days but it will make you warm enough most of the time. Sure, you can use it on the snow to keep you warm and safe but we doubt if most of you will be brave enough to do that with such a precious pair.

Air Jordan 9 Boot NRG Black Gum Design

Nike Air Jordan 9 Boot NRG Black Gum Design

Those lugged gum rubber outsoles and black midsoles offer reliable traction. The AJ9 comes with a leather and black suede upper. The lacing system basically shows woven rope laces  and D-ring eyelets.

This version of the  AJ9 is more modern and rugged. Of course, it still is basketball court-ready but of course, we won’t blame you if you don’t want to play wearing the shoes. 

The Nike Air Jordan 9 Boot NRG Black Gum will be available beginning November 24. The pair will be sold for $225.