LG’s transparent OLED is part window and part display

LG has been showing off some of the cool items on display at the virtual CES 2021 tradeshow, kicking off next month. LG has unveiled another product that will be on display, and this one is exciting and could turn your typical window into something much more. LG is showing off its transparent OLED displays.

The first product the transparent OLED is being shown off in is a strange one. It’s been fitted into a Smart Bed with a frame that can be moved to the foot of the bed. At the press of a button, the 55-inch transparent OLED will rise from its frame showing information or TV in various screen ratios without compromising the clear image and without needing backlights. The cooler potential for this technology is to be used in windows where you can look outside yet have data or video content shown on the screen when wanted.

During CES, LG will also be showing the screen in a Restaurant Zone where the transparent OLED is used to separate patrons from the food prep area of a sushi bar. The screen shows pricing while still allowing patrons to watch the food be prepared. The usage scenario we are most excited about shows the screen being used on a subway train.

In this instance, the high transparency allows the passengers to enjoy scenery looking out from the inside of the car while information like weather, news, and subway line maps can be shown at the same time. LG offers no information on pricing or when it’s transparent OLED technology will be available to purchase.